What Diet Coaching Can Do For You


Coaching is designed to get you back in the game can help make your excursions more relaxed, enjoyable and fun. Learn effective strategies that will help you connect with others and rediscover the social activities that make life meaningful.

Receive the support and guidance from someone who personally understands; I have not only been there, I live it, every day. I am sensitive to the problems you confront and offer hands-on help to guide you through them as you learn to master the techniques yourself.

For those with dietary restrictions and digestive conditions, one of the most fear-inducing and frustrating activities is being out in public and away from the security of home. Simply going to a restaurant can be a terrifying experience. Diet coaching can help make your excursions more relaxed, enjoyable and fun. Learn effective strategies that will help you connect with others and the social activities that make life meaningful.

  • Overcome the challenges of dining out with a specialized diet.
  • Build a network of dining establishments that can accommodate your diet restrictions.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate your diet restrictions to others.
  • Improve travel experiences with restaurant and lodging accommodations.
  • Reduce stress in managing social occasions while working around diet restrictions.

Diet coaching can teach you techniques that will empower your support team or help you to receive assistance from others.

  • Learn effective communication strategies to help get what you need from others.
  • Learn how to increase your self-care.
  • Better understand and develop strategies to effectively support the dietary needs of others.
  • Receive empathetic support for times of frustration, anger and uncertainty.

Having the right skill set and current information means less frustration, less expense and fewer mistakes when you take steps toward better health.

  • Streamline activities associated with food (grocery shopping and preparation)
  • Avoid grocery store pitfalls
  • Get the most out of a food journal, including initial setup, what to record and how to review and recognize key data .
  • Fine-tune your existing activities in managing your day-to-day activities.

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FV_circleLiam,Victoria, Canada

My dad was doing SCD but resistant to keeping a food journal. Months had gone by and he wasn’t getting better. I was so frustrated trying to figure out all the variables to track with the food log (and I am an engineer). I am so glad this (coaching) resource was available. I was able to get a better sense of what and how to track various components so I could make the process more simple for my dad. He actually has made a game out of finding patterns and the whole diet process seems less taxing. The improvements we have seen are encouraging.