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The process is a collaborative, personalized program customized to individual needs. Sessions are one-on-one by telephone, email, in person or a combination of all methods.

Appointments are subject to availability. How much time you devote to coaching is entirely up to you. Some need only one session, while others prefer regular support or periodic sessions. Schedules are determined by individual needs and preferences.



Available in sessions as short as 30 minutes or as long as you need. Rates include domestic, long distance charges. All fees are payable in advance through PayPal.

  • $40 for 30 minutes
  • $65 per hour
  • $225 package: (4) 1 hour sessions


Lisa lives in Portland, Oregon, and is available for speaking engagements and in-person coaching and consulting at your location, worldwide. Rates are available by the hour, by the four-hour half day or by project and will reflect the scope of the work, the types of challenges you face and the size of the group.


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FV_circleScott Neuman, Oba Restaurant, Portland, OR

Health Through Diet advised us on how to create a memorable dining experience for several V.I.P. patrons with diet restrictions. Individuals who were reluctant at first to burden us because they felt their list of diet restrictions were too complicated. Lisa reviewed the menu to help ensure that we were in compliance with dietary restrictions. She also suggested that we create a printed, custom menu. To put it mildly we total blew them away. One of the guests wrote me afterwards describing it as one of the greatest events of their lives. Their reply went on to say:

“I know I said it last night, but it bears repeating: that was the kindest, most thoughtful thing that has ever been done for me, and I know I speak for my husband as well!

One of the things that struck us both, beyond the flavors and presentation, and all that, was that it was so clearly made with love and consideration. We left the night feeling not just fed, but nourished, if you know what I mean. We could tell how much of you went into that meal and it made it good for our mouths and stomachs, but more importantly and noticeably, our hearts and spirits. I don’t think I am quite saying it right, but it was just incredible and unforgettable, and something I have never before experienced in a meal.

Oh, and we are having the menus framed!”