The Book

You can thrive despite your diet restrictions. The book, "Living Well With Diet Restrictions" empowers you to overcome dietary obstacles and make your life the best it can be!

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Learn easy-to-understand strategies that will give even the shyest person empowering, assertive and positive approaches to adapting a specialized diet in almost any situation. You will learn about:


•    Strategies to help improve quality of life when living within dietary parameters.

•    New ways to help manage the mental and emotional challenges that go with managing diet restrictions.

•    Tips on handling the stresses of relationships with friends, loved ones and strangers when you have diet limitations.

•    Ideas on how to help you or your loved ones travel or dine out with diet restrictions.


This book is designed to provide usable tools and practical can-do advice with tips on how to make the transition to diet restrictions easier.


"I highly recommend this much needed and unique book for anyone who has to live with dietary restrictions. Lisa has written a concise, readable, practical guide well ground in both scientific knowledge and her own personal triumph. Whether you are planning a gastronomic adventure in Europe, or just trying to figure out how to grocery shop at home, if you are learning to cope with food sensitivities this is the book for you!"


Dr. Daniel Newman M.D., N.D., M.S.O.M.

Medical Director

Rising Health Wellness Center


"Starting a specialized diet can be a daunting task. Many people wonder if there is any way that they can make it work in their busy lives. Lisa has put together a great guide filled with practical tips, pointers and examples on how to successfully implement dietary changes. It helps teach people that one's social life does not need to be compromised while they regain control over their health. "


Shelia Trenholm

Specific Carbohydrate Diet (S.C.D.) Consultant

“Living Well With Diet Restrictions” is a very helpful book for those who are embarking on their healing journey using one of many healing programs. Most healing protocols don’t address social and day-to-day life challenges of making a drastic adjustment to one’s dietary lifestyle. The book does a very good job of putting what you need to get started in one nice convenient location. Or you can spend days scouring the internet for help through blogs, social media, forums and years of trial and error to figure most of this out on our own. This book would have saved me a lot of time many years ago."

Patrick Miller

Everything SCD Facebook Group

(Specific Carbohydrate Diet)


"Helpful for those trying to live a great life without diet restrictions slowing them down! A wonderful resource for those living with diet restrictions or anyone who wants to be supportive of someone who is. Well written!"

D.T. Riveness

(Amazon Review)

"Well written, easy to understand, engaging, and packed full of practical tips for living day-to-day with food sensitivities. Bonus sections deal with travel, relationships, and eating out. Then when you think it can’t get better, her web site and assistance online, via the phone, or through speaking engagements really bring everything to life. The material is well organized and easy to follow, and (best of all) she simply makes you feel happy and in control of your life again."

G. Braunschweig

(Amazon Review)

"For those with diet restrictions needing to travel or intent on dining out, Lisa's book, 'Easy Living with Diet Restrictions' is a useful, practical resource."

Paul Stocker