Have Lisa Speak at
Your Next Event

As a diet coach, many of the solutions I provide originate from my own dietary experiences and successes. My professional background is in hospitality and sales with an educational background in management and communications.


Groups will learn easy-to-understand strategies that will give even the shyest of persons empowering, assertive and positive approaches to adapting a specialized diet in almost any situation.


Presentations will reflect the scope of the work, the types of challenges you face and the size of the group. Content can be tailored to integrate any or all of the following topics:


  • An inspirational and empowering success story on how to incorporate a dietary protocol into daily living.



  • Strategies to help improve quality of life when living with a specialized diet.



  • New ways to help manage the mental and emotional challenges that go with managing diet restrictions.



  • Tips on handling the stresses of relationships with friends, loved ones and strangers when you have diet limitations.



  • Ideas on how to help you travel or dine out with diet restrictions.



  • Usable tools and practical can-do advice with tips on how to make the transition to diet restrictions easier.


$150 per hour


TWO-HOUR MINIMUM (Includes setup and travel)

Additional travel expense for speaking engagements more than 15 miles outside of Portland, OR