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There are a lot of voices talking about health and diet today, but very few focus on how to actually implement diet protocol into one’s daily living and social life. As a noted author, person living with inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis) and an extensive list of diet restrictions, Lisa has expertise on the topic.

Author, Speaker & Coach Lisa Angst

Author, Speaker & Coach Lisa Angst

“I wrote the book, Living Well with Diet Restrictions and speak publicly on the topic to help fulfill a very basic need: the ability to successfully eat within the parameters of a diet restriction with lower hassle and stress. I offer a condensed, streamlined version of what took me years of research and a lot of trial and error to perfect in managing diet restrictions. Many of the solutions I provide originate from my background in the hospitality and sales industries, along with my education in management, public speaking and communications.”

Lisa has over two decades of management and communications experience both in the fine dining and hotel management. She is also the founder and president of Lead Savvy, a lead generation firm she founded in 2006, where succinct and strategic communication is key to success in an environment where the audience often distracted (and sometimes disgruntled).

Easy to Understand Strategies

You will learn easy-to-understand strategies that will give even the shyest person empowering, assertive and positive approaches to adapting a specialized diet in almost any situation.

Lisa can tailor her presentation to integrate any or all of the following topics:

  • An inspirational and empowering success story from a person with an extensive list of diet restrictions.
  • Strategies to help improve quality of life when living with a specialized diet.
  • New ways to help manage the mental and emotional challenges that go with managing diet restrictions.
  • Tips on handling the stresses of relationships with friends, loved ones and strangers when you have diet limitations.
  • Ideas on how to help you or your loved one’s travel or dine out with diet restrictions.
  • Usable tools and practical can-do advice with tips on how to make the transition to diet restrictions easier.

Lisa lives in Portland, Oregon, and is available for speaking engagements and in-person coaching and consulting at your location, worldwide. Rates are available by the hour, by the four-hour half day or by project and will reflect the scope of the work, the types of challenges you face and the size of the group.

Lisa’s book, Living Well with Diet Restrictions has been well received by the medical and naturopathic community CLICK HERE to see testimonials.

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