Diet Coaching Services





If you have a specialized diet, I provide seasoned insight, customized direction

and service support catered to adults and their specific, dietary needs.


Having the right skill set means less frustration, less expense and fewer mistakes when you take steps toward better health.  Just a few practical ways a diet coach can help:


  • Learn how to effectively incorporate your specialized diet with your daily activities. 

  • Streamline activities associated with food (grocery shopping and preparation).

  • Get the most out of a food journal, including initial setup, what to record and how to review and recognize key data.


Bredeson ReCODE &

Gundry low-lectin diet

Keto-Flex diet

Specific Carbohydrate diet 

If you have diet restrictions, one of the most fear-inducing and frustrating activities can be dining out, dating or travel. Simply going to a restaurant can be a terrifying experience. Diet coaching can help make your connections to the outside world more relaxed, enjoyable and fun: 


  • Discover and build a network of dining venues that can accommodate your dietary needs.

  • Receive empathetic support for times of frustration, anger and uncertainty.

  • Learn how to effectively communicate your diet restrictions to others.


How long does it take?


The process is a collaborative, personalized program customized to individual needs. Sessions are one-on-one by telephone, email, in person or a combination of all methods. How much time you devote to coaching is entirely up to you. Some need only one session, while others prefer regular support or periodic sessions. Schedules are determined by individual needs and preferences.


How much does it cost?

Based in Portland, Oregon. Choose from virtual or in-person coaching. Appointments are subject to availability. 

$80 per hour





Adtl travel expense for on-site visits more than 15 miles outside of Portland, OR


"Lisa advised us on how to create a memorable dining experience for several V.I.P. patrons with diet restrictions. Individuals who were reluctant at first to burden us because they felt their list of diet restrictions were too complicated. Lisa reviewed the menu to help ensure that we were in compliance with dietary restrictions. She also suggested that we create a printed, custom menu. To put it mildly, we total blew them away. One of the guests wrote to me afterward describing it as one of the greatest events of their lives. Their reply went on to say:


'I know I said it last night, but it bears repeating: that was the kindest, most thoughtful thing that has ever been done for me, and I know I speak for my husband as well!


One of the things that struck us both, beyond the flavors and presentation, and all that, was that it was so clearly made with love and consideration. We left the night feeling not just fed, but nourished, if you know what I mean. We could tell how much of you went into that meal and it made it good for our mouths and stomachs, but more importantly and noticeably, our hearts and spirits. I don’t think I am quite saying it right, but it was just incredible and unforgettable, and something I have never before experienced in a meal.

Oh, and we are having the menus framed!'

Thank you for your help, Lisa!"

Scott Neuman

Executive Chef

Oba Restaurant (Portland, OR)

"My dad was doing SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) but resistant to keeping a food journal. Months had gone by and he wasn’t getting better. I was so frustrated trying to figure out all the variables to track with the food log (and I am an engineer). I am so glad this (coaching) resource was available. I was able to get a better sense of what and how to track various components so I could make the process more simple for my dad. He actually has made a game out of finding patterns and the whole diet process seems less taxing. The improvements we have seen are encouraging."


(Victoria, Canada)

"Lisa really helped me better understand the components of SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) so that I could support my wife on her journey back to health. She also help me become skilled in analyzing food logs so that we had two pairs of eyes looking for reactions to foods." Who knew such a value resource would be available all by phone!"



(Maui, HI)

 "Our trip to Paris would have not been a success had it not been for our coach.  She helped us set up housing with a full kitchen.  The location couldn’t have been better.  We were close to The Metro subway, within blocks of the Louvre and one block from a grocery store. We successfully had a “base” to cook our own meals without having to navigate dining out, with diet restrictions in a foreign country. She even helped us make and translate diet cards for the shop keepers at the local markets. Super helpful! Thanks Lisa!"

Tonya & Jeff

Tampa Bay, FL

My coach helped me and my sister set up a network of local area restaurants that would accommodate her diet restrictions. We now have a hub of twelve venues where I know she can safely dine. Now that she is feeling better and starting to date again, the resource helps her to feel less anxious about blending in on first impressions.


Olympia, WA