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danielnewmanDaniel I. Newman, M.D., N.D. M.S.O.M.
Medical Director Rising Health Wellness Center

I highly recommend this much needed and unique book for anyone who has to live with dietary restrictions. Lisa Angst has written a concise, readable, practical guide, well grounded in both current scientific knowledge and her own personal triumph. Whether you are planning a gastronomic adventure in Europe, or just trying to figure out how to grocery at home, if you are learning to cope with food sensitivities this book is for you!

565Steve Sandberg-Lewis
Naturopathic College of Natural Medicine

Living Well With Diet Restrictions is the missing link in the implementation of detailed dietary programs. It fills in many of the gaps between the healthcare practitioner’s prescription of the diet and the ability of the patient to actually succeed!   Thank you Lisa!

sheila thumbSheila Trenholm, SCD Consultant

Starting a specialized diet can be a daunting task. Many people wonder if there is any way that they can make it work in their busy lives.  Lisa has put together a great guide filled with practical tips, pointers and examples on how to successfully implement dietary changes.  It helps teach people that one’s social life does not need to be compromised while they regain control over their health.

downloadDr. Lisa Shaver, N.D.
Everyday Wellness Clinic
Gluten Intolerance Group of Portland, OR

Love this book. It will be a blessing and great resource for patients with specialized diets.

thumbPaul Stocker

For those with diet restrictions needing to travel or intent on dining out, Lisa Angst’s book Easy Living with Diet Restrictions is a useful, practical resource.

download (1)Char Glenn
Nob Hill Internal Medicine

Very nice. Very needed. Very helpful to the newly diagnosed, anyone with food sensitivities (including those who would like to travel) or anyone who enjoys good food. Attractively presented. I will recommend it to all the people I know who have ulcerative colitis, Crohns, or celiac disease.

Patrick Miller
Specific Carbohydrate Diet Facebook Admin (UC Patient)

“Living Well With Diet Restrictions” is very helpful book for those who are embarking on their healing journey using one of many healing programs.  Most healing programs don’t address social and day to day life challenges of making a drastic adjustment to one’s dietary lifestyle.  The book does a very good job of putting what you need to get started in one nice convenient location.  Or you can spend days scouring the internet for help through blogs, social media, forums and years of trial and error to figure most of this out on our own.  This book would have saved me a lot time many years ago.



scott thumbScott Neuman, Oba Restaurant, Portland, OR

Health Through Diet advised us on how to create a memorable dining experience for several V.I.P. patrons with diet restrictions. Individuals who were reluctant at first to burden us because they felt their list of diet restrictions were too complicated. Lisa reviewed the menu to help ensure that we were in compliance with dietary restrictions. She also suggested that we create a printed, custom menu. To put it mildly we total blew them away. One of the guests wrote me afterwards describing it as one of the greatest events of their lives. Their reply went on to say:

“I know I said it last night, but it bears repeating: that was the kindest, most thoughtful thing that has ever been done for me, and I know I speak for my husband as well!

One of the things that struck us both, beyond the flavors and presentation, and all that, was that it was so clearly made with love and consideration. We left the night feeling not just fed, but nourished, if you know what I mean. We could tell how much of you went into that meal and it made it good for our mouths and stomachs, but more importantly and noticeably, our hearts and spirits. I don’t think I am quite saying it right, but it was just incredible and unforgettable, and something I have never before experienced in a meal.

Oh, and we are having the menus framed!”

Thank you for your help!

FV_circleSarah – Olympia, WA

My Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) Coach, Lisa helped me make my husband’s 50th birthday a success. From appetizers to the grand finale of an SCD cake, the occasion was special and memorable! I was delighted to allow my husband a break from all the planning details around food.

FV_circleSteve – Austin, TX

My coach helped me  and my sister set up a network of local area restaurants that would accommodate her diet restrictions. We now have a hub of twelve venues where I know she can safely dine. Now that she is feeling better and starting to date again, the resource helps her to feel less anxious about blending in on first impressions.

FV_circleTonya & Jeff, Tampa Bay, FL

Our trip to Paris would have not been a success had it not been for our coach.  She helped us set up housing with a full kitchen.  The location couldn’t have been better.  We were close to The Metro subway, within blocks of the Louvre and one block from a grocery store. We successfully had a “base” to cook our own meals without having to navigate dining out, with diet restrictions in a foreign country. She even helped us make and translate diet cards for the shop keepers at the local markets. Super helpful! Thanks Lisa!

FV_circleLiam, Victoria, Canada

My dad was doing SCD but resistant to keeping a food journal. Months had gone by and he wasn’t getting better. I was so frustrated trying to figure out all the variables to track with the food log (and I am an engineer). I am so glad this (coaching) resource was available. I was able to get a better sense of what and how to track various components so I could make the process more simple for my dad. He actually has made a game out of finding patterns and the whole diet process seems less taxing. The improvements we have seen are encouraging.

FV_circleMike, Lake Havasu, AZ

Lisa really helped me better understand the components of SCD so that I could support my wife on her journey back to health.  She also help me become skilled in analyzing food logs so that we had two pairs of eyes looking for reactions to foods.

FV_circle(Amazon Review)

This book is a testament to living with diet restrictions, written by someone who has perfected the use of healthy foods and cooking to heal her body. If you, or someone you love, has diet restrictions, this is your go-to resource! I HIGHLY recommend this book!

FV_circleDavid (Amazon Review)

A wonderful resource for those living with diet restrictions or anyone who wants to be supportive of someone who is. Well written!

FV_circleD.T. Riveness

Helpful for those trying to live a great life without diet restrictions slowing them down! A wonderful resource for those living with diet restrictions or anyone who wants to be supportive of someone who is. Well written!

FV_circleG. Braunschweig

Well written, easy to understand, engaging, and packed full of practical tips for living day-to-day with food sensitivities. Bonus sections deal with travel, relationships, and eating out. Then when you think it can’t get better, her web site and assistance on line, via the phone, or through speaking engagements really bring everything to life. The material is well organized and easy to follow, and (best of all) she simply makes you feel happy and in control of your life again.