Coaching and Meal Prep Case Study #2

Keto-Flex Protocol


52-year-old woman, approximately 25 lbs overweight with hypertension. Overwhelmed by the Ketogenic diet (a.k.a. Keto-Flex) program that her doctor had prescribed to get her back onto the road of health. Additional layer of food sensitivities including no eggs or dairy and didn't care for pork or fish. Busy professional who is used to eating many meals out because of travel. Unsure how to incorporate diet into lifestyle. Reported that many foods in the home not on diet, but going through all the products felt time-consuming because she was just getting her bearings with the protocol. She often had Sundays off, and felt that with some support she could construct meals for the week for herself if she had recipes. 

Health Through Diet called in to assist with diet coaching and meal preparation:

  • Researched and supplied client with various recipes of sauces and dressings on the diet that could give variety, freeze well and could be rotated among the remaining proteins available. 

  • Went through client's pantry, freezer and refrigerator as a second pair of eyes to rid of foods off diet.

  • Spices were very old - replaced containers with fresher, low-cost spices in bulk. Educated client on basic spice blends to add variety to food selections.

  • Accompanied client on several grocery trips. It was determined that she was frustrated reading food labels and felt depressed seeing all the foods off-diet that she could not have. Set up Instacart for grocery delivery so the client could use at the introductory stages of starting the diet and not be distracted. Created list of approved food for easy re-order.

  • Weekly 1/2 hour to hour phone check-ins with client to field questions and offer moral support.

Results (at end of working with client three months)

  • Weight down 11 lbs.

  • Systolic BP down to 125 (down from approx 155 range).

  • Client reported feeling more comfortable with the dietary protocol and finds the program is now manageable enough for her to continue on her own with only occasional check-ins.

  • Traveling and the Keto-Flex diet still a bit of a challenge but reports she is able to stay on diet 85% of the time by incorporating restaurant and travel strategies outlined by the book, "Living Well with Diet Restrictions" and making pre-made meals.