Coaching and Meal Prep Case Study #1


Bredeson ReCODE and Gundry low-lectin dietary protocols


89-year-old woman post-heart attack. Struggle to manage a variety of maladies: Memory loss, overweight by approx. 30 lbs, hypertension, edema in lower extremities, lower knee and back pain and acid reflux. Expected to live three months post-cardiac event. The physician had prescribed cardiac meds, blood thinners and blood pressure meds. Expensive caregiver costs due to memory loss, inability to manage own medications and many basic, self-care needs. Bredeson ReCODE and Gundry, low-lectin diet attempted but a significant challenge in having consistency among family members and in-home caregivers.


Health Through Diet called in to assist with diet coaching and meal preparation:


  • Created easy-to-understand dietary summaries for family members and caregivers. Updated as needed when physician orders changed or evolved. 

  • Formulated grocery lists of allowable foods and managed grocery shopping until all caregivers became stabilized in dietary comprehension.

  • Removed caregivers from expensive agencies - posted ads and conducted interviews for replacements better suited to manage dietary protocol.

  • Organized a team of contracted caregivers at $13 less per hour, all with far better qualifications than agency resources. (Approx. $728 less per week for in-home care costs).

  • Produced operational procedures for consistency in care: e.g. daily, caregiver checklist, logs for daily vitals, exercise and fluid intake.

  • Removed all off-diet foods as well as toxic, personal care products (using the Environmental Working Group as a guide).

  • Researched interactions among supplements and medications.

  • Price-shopped supplements and grocery items for cost efficiency. 

  • Constructed diplomatic scripts for visitors RE: dietary needs, the importance of strict adherence and how to successfully have visits at the home when food was involved or when dining out. 

  • Developed customized recipes that supported both Bredeson and Gundry diets including daily smoothies that would easily incorporate many of the recommended supplements (fewer pills to take throughout the day).

  • Trained caregivers how to create delicious meals that could easily be shared with visitors.

  • Once stable, set up an online grocery delivery service. Set up Instacart grocery delivery service and established a list of on-diet foods for easy, repeat orders.

Results (as reported by client and family member six months after adopting new operational procedures were implemented by Health Through Diet):


  • Weight reduction from 184 lbs to 145 (38 lbs).

  • Vascular improvements, off all cardiac and blood pressure meds.

  • Blood oxygen up 12%.

  • Reduction of painful varicose veins in legs (down 50%).

  • Edema down (50% in ankles).

  • Acid reflux down 90%.

  • Cognitive improvements - Decreased depression, improved memory (e.g. went from playing eight songs on the piano to over 150), doing more complex puzzles going from 150 pieces to 250 & 300 pieces, improved ability to have in-depth conversations, improved reading comprehension, increased choice and mobility, older personality characteristics of wittiness and playfulness partially restored. 

  • Reduction in caregiver expense 55%. Weekly caregiver hours reduced by 30% due to health and memory improvements.

  • Low back and knee pain down 50% and increased mobility (walking distance up 60% since heart attack).

  • Increased connection to family and friends - better able to participate in activities that make life worth living.